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Post  Andrew Gubb on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:59 am

This site is the forum for Lightworkers' Connection, a community site for Lightworkers and highly conscious people. It was created by Andrew Gubb with the vision of bringing us together and letting us know we are safe and connected. This place is where you go if you fit in nowhere else, if you seem to be the only one who sees things as you do... or if you just want some inspiration from some incredibly wise and conscious lightworkers who are walkin' the path.

Lightworkers' Connection has a no bullsh*t policy. Anyone who says a lot of stuff which sounds good but is empty of meaning gets deleted. Verbal diarrhea is a capital offense here, and if you have to choose between being SEEN as low consciousness and actually BEING real, be real every time. Every god. Damn. Time.

Swearing is fine, self promotion is encouraged (so long as you're a lightworker) and alternate handles may be used so long as it's for humourous purposes. Trolls will be deleted mercilessly. Absolutely mercilessly.

I mean it's just the god damn internet you know. Get a life.

We love you.

Lightworkers' Connection: helping Lightworkers understand themselves and get their feet on the ground since 2009.

Andrew Gubb

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Good policy

Post  michael345 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:42 am

I like that policy, Andrew!


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