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Post  Nym Hides In Plain Sight on Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:00 pm

Hello again ^_^ I know things will be picking up again, so I hope everyone is well!

So, my personal development in the last while has been going at a snail's pace (imo) or has been completely nonexistent all together -_- Since moving, I have read maybe 2 chapters of The Power Of Now (though I have already read it as well as the sequel) and it wasn't until yesterday that I finally took a step forwards.

Last night I cleansed the flat as well as all my crystals! I also moved them all and set them up on a shelf in the the bookcase by the bed. It is their own personal shelf now and wow is the energy ever feeling good!! I also have a pyramid at work and a little statuette of a Chinese dragon. My incense, cards and runes are there as well, and they are very happy with the new arrangements.

I know that may not exactly count as personal development, but for me it was a big step, getting everything the way I wanted it to be, and really beginning to feel reconnected. Hence why I'm posting it here.

Since moving, I have felt so disconnected (up until yesterday, that is) and so confused, I have not known where to turn for guidance, and my mind has been chaos! Despite the fact I KNOW that what I think, say and no will be sent out to the Universe and returned again, I haven't been able to actively use it in my life.

Things have been looking up though in the last few days, and I feel that there is going to be a lot of learning and growing to do very suddenly and very soon... I only ask to be supported and guided throughout, lol.

Anyone have any tips for reconnecting?

Nym Like a Star @ heaven

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