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Post  I am NOT a ligthworker on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:24 pm

How I got to meet a fake lightworker…

Now this is just my point of view.  So take it with a grain of salt.

You know how you discover that there is more to God as taught by religion. This realization came to me.  So I searched for answers.  I came upon a book by Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God. Reading this book opened my eyes to God’s other side.  I never knew he was funny.  And I never knew that all he wanted for us was to be in bliss.

My spiritual awakening continued as I immersed myself in different philosophies and attended seminars on energy healing.  Then I discovered yoga and meditation.  I joined Spiritual MeetUp groups.  I wanted to remember who I really am.

Then I met a person who was a soulmate.  How did I know that the person was a soulmate?  She said that she could communicate with her spirit guides.  So I asked how we are connected.  She said that we were husband and wife in another lifetime and we were very happy.  At that time I was glad to meet a new friend.  Perhaps I could learn to trust this person and we could become good friends. That was the day that we spent eight hours exchanging views about metaphysics at a coffee shop.

During our second meditation class together I felt something strange, something that I had never felt for anyone before.  My heart was glowing for this person. Was it a feeling of pure love?

I shared my feelings with this person.  This person was psychic.  She could see the future. She said that she had no intentions of hurting me.  Did I fail to read between the lines?

I didn’t think that I was going to be taken for a ride.  My thought was this person would not give me false promises because we were both spiritual seekers. I spent six weeks with this person exchanging e-mail that contained terms of endearment.

When I told this person that I wanted to get to know her, she said “Don’t you know me?”.  I figured that if we were soulmates, I should trust the feeling that I have. So I said “yes”.  My gullibility precedes my rational mind.

I asked many questions and told her about not wanting to be a second fiddle.  I asked if she was “with me” , like committed partners and she replied “I’m with you.”

We went to a vortex and took photos of ourselves, then she even stated “Now you can say that you have a girlfriend.”  I accepted it as a confirmation that she was my girlfriend. I gave my heart to her and she gave hers to me.

How did she break up with me?  After spending two consecutive nights together, I received an e-mail saying that she had to be by herself and her dog for her highest good.  She didn’t want to be committed. Who wouldn’t want the highest good for someone you love?  It was very painful to be separated from her. I trusted her words and actions before the breakup.  And I trusted her.

Never ever trust anyone…ever!  Not even gurus, teachers or meditation teachers.  Most especially, those who say that they love you, you are very precious to them and that they would never hurt you.  Because they will and she did it to me.

Everyone is as lost as the next stray dog.  Everyone is a seeker of their own truth.  And be aware that a being may have many truths.  Because they are confused and are blind followers of so-called gurus.

Don’t ever give your heart to someone even if it beats for that person.  It’s all a HOAX.  If you give your heart they will use you to feed their ego.  They will share their experience with every person they speak with. This person probably told her experience with me to every Tom, Dick and Harry.  She amused herself at my expense.

During our last meeting, I was so down and so disappointed. She told me that everything was just an experiment.  She was all smiles, unemotional, detached and seemed very happy to be separated from me.  She was a totally different person.

I was in love.  She obviously wasn’t in love with me.

She was so detached that she even asked her friend to give me support while I go through the grief of separation.  And I was told by her friend that there was never a relationship.  Obviously, that friend wasn’t given the whole story.

Now I can see that there are many sides to the story.  What happened to the person who sent me love messages?

And what about because my energy was too strong?  Now that’s BS!  If I truly love someone and that person loves me the same way, then there’s no such thing as energy being too strong.

Despite my pleas, my text messages, calls and e-mails were never answered.  It just proves that the love that was given to me was not true.  I did not deserve the silence that was given to me.  How heartless and callous…

I should have listened to my intuition when I heard this fake lightworker say “i love you” to everyone she speaks to over the phone.  That’s how she entices people to fall for her.  Why would you say “i love you” and accept phone calls everyday from a still married man who stalks you and wants to have your kids?  The big copout, she wasn’t aware.  Yeah, she wasn’t aware that she led people on and dropped them like a hot potato because she realized that things were getting serious.  Time to start a new charade with another person.

So you see, not all lightworkers are spiritual. Many like the idea of being a lightworker because they can expand their spiritual abilities, whether psychic, how to bilocate, be telepathic, dna activation etc.  And yes, those men who graduate with you at spiritual meetup classes…they like hugging women for a long time…how come?  Because you would think that you’re all one and that there’s no malice.  Wrong!!!

Remember, just because people attend those spiritual classes, it doesn’t mean that they’re heart-centered and pure of intention.

So here I am, still angry at myself for getting into an emotional mess, trusting my heart and giving it to a fake lightworker.

Tip:  Make sure that the person you want to be with is mentally balanced, integrity-rich, kind, heart-centered, honest and faithful before you give your heart away.  And don’t sleep with them before you’ve done a background check.  You’d want to know their friends and family, their values and philosophy in life. Remember the saying, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

Here’s a little prayer…”May God protect me from the deceitful and unjust.”

And pray that all the people you meet are authentic to themselves and aware of their actions.  Because saying that they weren’t aware is a lame excuse and an overused copout.

My final wish for me and that fake lightworker….

I wish that she and her entourage will forever be invisible to me.

I wish that our paths diverge forever.

I wish that she be as far away from me as possible…if possible the distance of Earth to Jupiter.

I wish to forget that person and that every memory of her be removed from every fiber of my being.

I wish to not feel anything from and for that person.  I don’t want nor need her fake love.

I wish never to hear about her and from her again.

I wish for our cords to be disconnected, even in the spirit world.

It is written.

As for my bliss… I am getting there.

P.S.  She was right when she said that I would despise her.  I do now.  One day she won’t even be a memory to me. I now have my heart back.  I’m more aware.

I am NOT a ligthworker

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