How did you find out you were indigo/crystal/a lightworker?

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How did you find out you were indigo/crystal/a lightworker?

Post  Andrew Gubb on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:55 pm


Myself, I realised I was indigo through a friend last year. He's big on psychology and classifying things Smile And we were friends for a long while before he decided that I had to be indigo and told me. My first reaction was "I'm not a label!" like many people who start out violently rejecting something though, I eventually became a very strong proponent of the understanding the classification can bring.

I then later heard from two different crystals that they felt me to be quite crystal as well, making the transition between indigo and crystal. I'm learning to accept that fact at the same time as I'm learning to accept my power, but it explains some things, anyway.

My calling as a lightworker awoke in me quite gradually. I was actually told by psychics before that I was a lightworker. And it was one of those truths that I was both scared of and very desirous of believing. I'd also passed through times of thinking I was a darkworker or that I wanted to be in my heavy soul-searching period, though that didn't go too far.

For me waking up to lightworking has been a case of accepting the pain that the world is in - I seem to have a very large perspective and I tend towards feeling the suffering of the entire world, unless I drown it out, that is - and accepting my power to make a difference - I had the negative self image, this shadow that told me I was worthless, useless and incapable of making any difference. I hope I'm owning it well enough now, and I'm lining up some articles in my head which should simultaneously help people with their own issues here and help me own my own shadow even more.

Steve Pavlina's writings vibed with me so much when I was discovering this side of me. I'm currently reading Doreen Virtue's "The Path of the Lightworker" and while I feel she's less brilliant than Steve, that's almost a good thing in a way as I see that anyone can make a difference if they just choose to serve a higher calling.

What about you? How did you find out you were indigo/crystal/a lightworker?


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