Lightworkers' Connection Needs You!

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Lightworkers' Connection Needs You!

Post  Andrew Gubb on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:27 am


Do YOU believe in the spread of awesomeness all over this planet until awesomeness is basically just normal, as opposed to pain and suffering?

Do YOU think Lightworkers' Connection is awesome?

Do YOU think, like me, this forum has the potential to be the most awesome forum for lightworkers and high-vibration misfits of all sorts world over?

Then help spread the word!

Tweet your support on Twitter, Face your support on Facebook and mail your support on the email client of your choice!

Cause, without U, Lightworkers' Connection Forum would be Lightworkers' Connection Form.

And that doesn't make much sense. Cool

Lightworkers' Connection:
I help those who walk the less traveled path feel strengthened and supported in their journey.

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